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1974t150v and Freedom- if the time comes that you need to BO let me know! The more the merrier. Three times yesterday I witnessed people 20 years younger than myself (in my 50’s) physically be unable (and of course not really willing) to do things I myself would think nothing of/could easily do. As bad as they were at the time to live through, I feel so fortunate to have faced my adversities in my younger life because it is now standing me in very good stead. Thanks for your comment on my setup 1974t150v – we shall see. But honestly?
After witnessing these younger peeps not even be able to: lift a 40lb bag of topsoil, complain that no one else had stopped to help them and they had stood by their car needing gas for 1 hr in the ‘hot’ sun (70 degrees) and what? – walk to that gas station less than 1 mile down the country road – too far/hard?, and be absolutely astounded I would ask them to help me lift a small (very small) tree that had fallen across the road?

The ‘golden hordes’…won’t make it 2 miles on foot on the flat much less over my ‘hills’ to find me. I’m concentrating on concealing more than fortifying at the moment. Those that do manage to stagger out here, manage to climb over the many felled large trees in the road….don’t want to encourage them to come collapse on my front porch.