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Thanks for not ‘blowing your porch light’ here! While I understand people need to vent, I myself am constantly battling to suppress the need and keep my emotions under control better – because it is exhausting for me in the end – and for me, is a quick way I’ve noticed to divert my focus. It is what it is now what is to be done about it? That’s how I am trying to thnk.

Regardless of our individual reasons/motivations for preparing for our futures, I think that there is a bigger, over-arching point to keep in mind that does help me move forward from things that are history now; and, current events and circumstances over which I have no control.

I believe that it is from the likes of those such as the collective ‘us’ here on this forum and elsewhere that see the ‘signs’ of what must be done practically speaking, NOW; a new society will eventually be created. It is from the wisdom and foresight of those such as ourselves that have prepared, that a new order and society will eventually be created. We are, in effect, helping to ensure that there will be a better future to contemplate. Will I live to see it start to take shape? When will it happen? I have no idea. But by example, I intend to try and do my part to ensure there is hope somewhere down the line for a better, civilized society to rise out of the ashes. My 2 cents.