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I think you are smart Mr. Red – and able to look clearly (from what we know at the moment) about the immediate future. The issue with this,for me, is that I still have to work it becomes a matter of priorities. With the limited time, the limited funds and skills I currently have, what is the best way to allocate them?

Before I can think about going more ‘high tech’ or allow my brain to invest time and energy thinking about this sort of thing I feel I have to better cover my basics – which are many, including implementing and practicing the way I will be need to be living when SHTF. Honestly? The work and time required to produce and preserve most of our own food and food for livestock, care for livestock and the property, work a job/business, teach myself how to better sharpen tools, weapons and implements, learn to be more proficient at using a treadle sewing machine and repair it, organize and increase basic supplies for the homestead etc takes about all my time and brain energy!

Communication/info gathering is but one area – and it is an area I have managed to do some things about. We sit higher above than other terrain here and the place came with a small building used for something else once that has been equipped as sort of a lookout post. Can see for about 1 mile around from there. A friend into flying radio controlled airplanes and helicopters has taught me how to fly them the last few years. Camera can be attached but their distance is not great. A few friends/like minds that live on the gentle mountains that surround us have been working with us to begin use of low-tech communication between us. With great binoculars, at least in daylight so far, if you know where to look – I can learn a few things from the signals they put up (colored nylon pennants) – we are working on this as we have time.

I don’t think you are full of hot air! I only regret I have only 24 hrs in a day and a brain that does require some rest!