Something smelled about this “yer cows gotta go because of these turtles” mess…

The other shoe has dropped…

See, y’all know Harry Reid, right? Uber-leftist puke in Washington? Limousine liberal? Multi-millionaire who likes to tell other people how they should live?

Yeah, see, his boy? Rory Reid? Yeah, turns out Rory is the front-man for a Chinese company (ENN Energy Group) who wants to build a massive 5 billion dollar solar power farm and manufacturing plant in (drum roll) the Nevada desert.. they bought up 9,000 acres at way below market value in Clark County were Rory used to be (another drum roll) County Commissioner. On “PUBLIC” land, to boot…

Guess who is “heavily invested” in the whole project? Even going so far as to actually physically go to China and schmooze with the Chinese to smooth out the deal? Why, none other than Daddy Reid! Guess who is using the BLM to clear cattle off the land? Why, Daddy Reid again!

See, it had Jack and **** to do with “turtles”, and Jack left town. That was just the smokescreen fed to rubes like you and me… documents from the BLM’s own website (since scrubbed and flushed down the memory hole) go out of their way to specifically say that the solar power farm is incompatible with Mr. Bundy’s cattle and that they gots ta go… too bad for the BLM that folks downloaded the documents and reposted them on their own websites…

Here… read for yourself.


Remember what I said before gang? My rules concerning the government?

1. The government ALWAYS lies.
2. NEVER trust the government.
3. When in doubt, see Rule 1.

That piece of **** Reid and his larvae are trying to make big bucks by using the Chinese to build a solar farm (on “public” land, no less!), and even REDREW the “range” of the “endangered” turtle at the behest of one of Reid’s big-bucks donors… they don’t give a crap about some dumb turtle – it’s aaaaalllll about the benjamins, and Mr. Bundy is in the way of big bucks to be swindled by the Reid clan…

So, Cliven Bundy and his family must be made to pay…. using the BLM and other government thugs as Reid’s personal enforcers…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1