Mr. Red
Mr. Red

Sorry if I misunderstood. But from the way I see it, again, just my opinion, when you’re 4-6 months into a large scale collapse/shtf event, at that point you wouldn’t have to be as low profile as you would 3-4 weeks into the event (and this can vary from person to person, depends on a lot of things).

What I’m trying to do is to get people to start thinking and doing some initial problem solving before we have to do it with little resources available, especially the internet since you can research ANYTHING imaginable. So, if a balloon doesn’t work for some folks, maybe something like this would: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parrot_AR.Drone

Again, just getting the creative juices flowing. Lets say we rock a balloon; if we have someone with good technical skills in our group, and someone who is has a pilots license or something of that nature, we have the makings for the human element to build it. Then we’d just need the equipment for it, etc. Could set up a live feed camera, some GPS software (if GPS is still available, who knows), maybe some sort of comms antenna, there’s a number of possibilities available.

And yes, I know this is under the assumption that you have ways to power this stuff, but you should have some form of electrical generation 4-6 months into an event, again it depends on a lot of things but you get the idea (electricity = good).

Maybe you go a more “get it done an ready now approach” and go with the Parrot Drone (or any other type of drone you can buy/make). Less work, but you won’t get the hight or distance as you would a balloon, and you have a flight time that’s only as long as the battery has juice. Maybe you could tinker with it to increase the flight time, who knows.

As a side note, the more I talk about this SHTF R&D, the more I realise that I’m becoming an evil genius of sorts hahaha.

Again guys, lets start thinking of how we can increase our survival odds. When the SHTF it’s not going to make technology disappear. Sure, we may get knocked back a few decades in some of those fields, but it’s not going to be like the tv show Revolution (which I don’t really like, btw). Stuff like this, for me, is higher places on my fields of study than things like wilderness survival, mainly due to the facts I know quite a bit anyway, I don’t see many points of having to go all Red Dawn and operate out of the woods, but also that I know technology can and will increase our effectiveness in a SHTF world, and that we can adapt it to work for us in amazing ways.

Anyway, what do y’all think? Am I just full of hot air? Get it, it’s a balloon thread?

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