Anyone who voted for Obongo probably has buyers remorse right about now…

When I first saw and heard him back when he was still a “community organizer”, before he got elected to the Senate for what was it? About 3 weeks? I pegged him for what he was – a slick talking flim-flam artist and corrupt product of the Chicago political machine… then there’s the whole “closet homosexual” thing (Man Country, **** “friends” of his getting snuffed right around the election so they couldn’t talk, etc).

I have zero faith in either political party, but that millions of idiots voted for that lying, phony-baloney piece of communist crap and his “beard” of a wife - just to prove they weren’t racist? Good lord… I forget which foreign politician said it, but he said something like “The United States can survive an Obama. The United States cannot survive the multitudes of idiots who voted for him.”

Don’t get my wrong, y’all… Insane McCain, whose answer to every problem is “Bomb ‘em!”, wasn’t even a halfway decent alternative… I couldn’t even bear to hold my nose and vote for him. So, I bowed out. Not gonna play the game anymore.

Between the thoroughly corrupt parties, populated by sociopathic thugs, in Washington, who are in league with the Fed and Wall Street – also populated by sociopathic thugs – we’re pretty much doomed… it’s just a matter of time before the economy implodes and disappears into a black hole of debt, the dollar becoming little more than toilet paper (and it’s not even good toilet paper… way too rough. Real toilet paper, especially the good stuff, is worth way, way more than dollars… maybe we can use worthless dollars to start fires to keep warm?).

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1