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My thoughts are that you could write a book about each skill set on the list.. I have a small library devoted to such skills.
There is a good book called Self Sufficiency, by Seymore…and he devotes a page or two to hundreds of skills he has learned. Depending on the life you have led you may have good skills in a few areas. In the old days .. people had to do most things themselves. While it is not the best ( compared to experience) having a collection of books with the knowledge/skills explained is a good idea IMO. eg…
I have a collection of big two man saws (6ft +). Some of these I bought from a scrap metal dealer!. They often show up on ebay. I have never seriously used one.. indeed they are in need of maintenance. However I have downloaded manuals on them.. still available on the net.. and have u tube videos on sharpening and repair. I hope never to have to use them… I have several chainsaws ( skill set needed for those too..) and they are MUCH easier.. However I feel that I could use them if I had to…I have the tools and the instruction book. And post SHTF if a big log needed to be cut and moved… I could do it.
I have a couple of the old style wood burning ovens.. which were standard in all kitchens before gas and electricity. Picked them up for $100 each. I have cleaned them up but never installed one or used one. But I have a book and a collection of articles by people who own and use them. I figure I could learn…and there are still a few old timers around for advice.
I have a collection of kerosene (petroleum to Selco, paraffin to Poms)..stoves and lamps. I was shocked at the simple mistakes I made trying to light them.. and how I needed to have a skill set even to use these relatively primitive tools. You need to let them warm up before you can expect full heat/light… failure to do so means flareups and smoke. The knowledge is available on the net.. tho sometimes you don’t realize` that some simple steps are so important.
My children laugh at me and think I’m a crazy hoarder.. maybe one day I will be able to smile quietly as I show them how to use my old junk…
You CAN learn skills from books… it may not be the best… but it is a lot easier than learning the hard way.. which can also be dangerous…or fatal.