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It has to be a complete collapse of civility for me to do this to my house. I want to divert all trespassers around the sides of the house toward the rear. I have a low 4′ retaining wall across the front of the house. Directly in front of the wall and in between the wall and the house, I will cover in spike boards. On top of the wall I will glue broken glass bottles.

The ground level is reinforced concrete with a brick veneer. There are 4 windows on this level. I have a pile of 2″x 8″s to screw/nail across the wndows. Outside I will pile dirt & stones against the 2″x8″s. I will have hidden firing positions on this floor. I will cut ladder holes between the ground and next floor.

Second floor provides escape routes from the home to a woods covered hill. Hidden armored fring positions (1/2″ steel plate). Front door nailed shut covered with 2x8s.

Hill overlooking house will be fortified with natural looking bunkers with shooting lanes down each side. Side yards will have one irregular path through it covered with spike boards.