Thanks 1974t150v. Would love to find some W231 and Hodgdon HS-6 powders. Freedom, I love my RCBS Rockchucker single stage press for rifle calibers. Agree with 1974t150v, Hornady and Lyman are also good. Depending on the caliber some components can be a bit tough to locate, but things are slowly improving.

Try to get your primers and powder at the LGS to avoid shipping and Hazmat fees. Everything else can be gotten online. Highly recommend getting a reloading manual or two before you purchase anything else. I like my Speer and Hornady manuals. Read them thoroughly and they will guide you in the hows and wherefores of the process. Then you can begin thinking about the calibers, equipment, and the loads you might want to start loading.

I don’t necessarily reload to save money (although once the equipment costs are covered there are savings), but to be able to shoot more. And I love just spending a quiet evening relaxing and putting a few of my favorite loads together, knowing they will, generally speaking, be more reliable and accurate than store bought for my gun. I haven’t hunted with a factory load in 30 years.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask here. There are some other reloaders on here who would be happy to help out. Hope this helps.