In my years behind a badge, routine was either wonderful or a killer.

For example, its Thursday night, thst car will be parked over there because those two people are having an affair.

Its the first weekend of the month, there will be heavy traffic in the alleys behind these houses because the new drug shipment arrived.

That person always stops for that stop sign, yet rolls through it at a blistering 8mph. Diabetic episode.

I worked the graveyard weekend shift for nearly 4 years straight.
I knew who, where, and what should be happening the entire shift, thanks to people’s routines.

I once solved 21 open cases because I knew who was out and what they drank.

Conversely, everyone knew when I worked, where I lived, etc.
The only thing they never knew or figured out was who I was seeing.

No matter how many different ways you go home, you will go home.
There are only so many restaurants, stores and such, you can only vary so much. There is always a place for an ambush, sometimes it just takes longer to ID the location/situation.

Then there’s personal routines, where you carry your gun and knife, where you store them at night, which pocket you keep your keys in, these things can keep you alive in an emergency.