I’ve posted this elsewhere, and it bears posting here.

I remember this “turtle” scam from the 90’s. The enviro-whackjob greenies absolutely HATED the idea of cattle grazing on “public” land (and there ain’t no “public” about it… the Feds own the land and that’s the end of it). So, they came up with this turtle scam.

They found this turtle. Now, there’s no difference between this turtle and any other turtle. It just happens to live in a dry climate. Nobody ever found out what the reproduction rates of the “desert turtle” were, what effect the cattle were having on the land, nothing…

They were convinced that the cows were (try not to laugh) STEPPING on the turtles and therefore the turtles were “endangered”. Sooo, they run off to Washington and lobby the then-Clinton administration to declare that this turtle was “endangered” and then they could kick the cows off “public” land. Well, they either convinced the Clinton Administration of all this cow-stepping and turtle slaughter, or they became such gigantic PITA’s that the turtle was declared “endangered” and anointed thusly… didn’t matter if you could prove them wrong 6 ways from Sunday, the Almighty Government said it was “endangered” and “endangered” it would stay…

In fact, there was a Fish and Game guy who didn’t buy into the “endangered” and cow-stepping line of excrement and he took it on himself to go poking around. Found lots of turtle shells from dead turtles – and every single one of them had a hole pecked through the top. Either ravens or crows were landing on the turtles, pecking a hole through the shell and then eating the turtles. He found TRASH BAGS full of these shells with holes in them, and he gave them to his boss as proof the cows were not at fault and the turtles, despite predation by birds, were not in any danger. In fact, they were doing just dandy.

Of course, the ‘evidence’ – trash bags full of turtle shells with the tell-tale hole pecked in them – went missing and he was leveraged into silence. Either shut up about the turtles being preyed upon by birds, and that they are doing just fine, or lose your job. He shut up.

The message is clear – any hard evidence that flies in the face of and contradicts the enviro-whackjob greenie agenda must be suppressed and those who challenge them must be leveraged and silenced…

Moreover, do-gooder idiots would find these “endangered” turtles wandering around and they would bring them to animal shelters… and the animal shelters were soon overflowing with thousands of these allegedly “endangered” turtles… so many, that they couldn’t possibly care for them all and their solution was to kill the ‘endangered’ turtles!

Which brings us to Mr. Bundy. It doesn’t matter if his claim pre-dates the BLM. It doesn’t matter that the turtle isn’t endangered, never was, and was a boondoggle to get cattle thrown off of “public” land.. He hath challenged the Almighty State and thus he must be punished!!

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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