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1974 I have to agree with you to an extent . I remember “old timers” when I was growing up saying the next generation was weaker or not as tough. I find myself saying the same thing but I don’t think the cause is the older generation getting hard. I think it has more to do with divorce rate and the fact that fewer and fewer dads are spending quality time with their kids. Society has been feminizing men for some time now. Children learn how to be adults by watching their parents. If the father is not spending time with them where do they learn what a real man is? TV, movies, the liberal media? You and I know that it takes a bigger man to take the high road in a situation but unless our kids see us take the high road and how we handle it then they don’t learn anything. Then some liberal goofball tells them they were scared emotionally and they have issues and need to get in touch with their feelings. That goofball spends time with them, which the child longs for, and now you have another squishy sweet limp young man. All I am saying is men quit being so self centered and take the time toshare your life and wisdom with them. That’s my 2 cents