Mr. Red
Mr. Red

Even the best laid plans that look good initially can go to hell in mere minutes, so yeah Defeat you’re correct in that.

I plan (and hope) on never having to resort to using my firearms, but I know that it might come, so I train with that, and increase my knowledge in that area of study. I hope I’d never have to use thermite for anything, but I know that there may be reasons for me to do so, so I looked up how to do employ it.

Not to rain on anyones parade but it is how it is. Murphy always finds a way to show up and throw a wrench in the cogs of your plans. I like the acronym P A C E. Primary, Alternate, Contingent, Emergency.

I really hope that all of this is for naught and that we’re all a little crazy, but the way things have been going lately some knowledge like this might be worth the time looking into it.

Canadian Patriot. Becoming self-sufficient.