Mr. Red
Mr. Red

I personally feel that if you’re set up well enough to be employing something like this then you already have a well worked security plan, so even if it is noticeable, it’s uses far outweigh the drawbacks of it being seen.

That being said, I posted this so that we can get some ideas on some remote viewing aerial platform so that you can still have eyes out in the space. If a balloon doesn’t work for you, what would? It’s all about research and development, and the more research we can do now, the quicker we could put things out into the space to assist in our survival should things go to sh*t.

Yes I know this is something really technical, but you should try to get some people who are good with electronics and communications like this into your group or whatever you want to call it now anyway, and begin that research of what could we do in these fields, what would work in our area, what do we already have on hand now that can help, or what can we find out in the space when things go bad that add to our stockpiles?

Again, not trying to say you’re wrong for discrediting this idea. What works for you might be wrong for me and so on. What I’m trying to do is to get you all to think outside the box here, to get into that mindset of “what can I build or employ that’s out there already that can increase my survivability” which is a running theme in many of my recent threads/posts.

Get what I’m saying?

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