Toby C
Toby C

Good points raised! I’d like to add, I think it may have been touched on in another thread, but can’t remember which one, that as well as varying our routines, look to ‘blend’ as much as possible, especially in urban areas. Be as non-descriptive as possible and try and avoid ‘unique identifying items’ on your person or your vehicles.

Be aware what is ‘non-descriptive’ in one area/region may well be a shining beacon of ‘attention’ in another!

Understanding ‘pattern of life analysis’ is also very useful for ambush/counter ambush considerations. Yes, you may just be in ‘the wrong place at the wrong time’ but if you’ve attracted specific attention then there can be a long term information gathering effort prior to any direct action being taken.

Also, don’t forget the implications of carrying electronic devices (especially anything communications enabled) that can be used to identify your patterns and routines and also your habits. One fun story, during a training drill we were once working in a ‘snatch squad’ type roll, horribly difficult to co-ordinate especially if the target is on foot in an urban environment and you want the snatch to be quiet and discrete, well one of the hardest things to co-ordinate is getting a vehicle alongside someone at *precisely* the right moment. Long story short, one of the advanced team guys realised that the target would stop walking, wherever he was, to answer his phone, would identify the caller and then would recommence walking, buying a good 3-5sec ‘stationary’ window :) Needless to say this was sufficiently exploited in the planning and execution phase… Yep, habits and routines can catch us all out!