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1974t150v- Well, if practice, practice, practice is necessary to hope to have good automatic responses when carrying a gun or attacked with a knife, when responding to medical emergency etc – this I think IS the time to start being aware of your routines. Routines can get you attacked or killed. They can also save your life.

The first psycho/PCP drug dude that attacked me had been apparently following and watching me for some time. The police said he knew my schedule, i.e. my routine. If we,collectively, are preparing for SHTF, collecting stuff etc., how can you be sure someone has not noticed? Really? I know and see a lot of what my closest neighbor purchases and in what amounts every Saturday they go to COSTCO at 10am. And, if you can’t be sure – why not watch and be aware of your daily routines as much as possible and get in the habit now about changing them up when you can – get in the habit? Barring a one time, big, fell swoop of a calamity that brings on SHTF; as people get more and more uneasy and nervous, many more people will start to think of what they would do if their fears actually were to happen ( as we are doing now). Think what you already know about your neighbors just from their routines.

If I were so inclined, I could name at least 6/8 homes/places/barns I could easily stroll into and rob/lay in wait because I know the routines (not because I have been really watching, you just come to know/recognize patterns subconciously). Because I know vehicles and where they are parked I know if there are others visiting or if something unusual is going on. I called the cops a couple of weeks ago because this neighbor’s truck was gone (neighbor very routine) and there was a truck backed up to his barn I had never seen there before and men I could not identify from a distance. My gut new this was off. Guys trying to steal tack and tools out of his barn.

Last year visiting a friend on their large farm. Farm hand comes up- what to do? Someone is taking a shower in the bathroom down in the machine/equipment barn. Even I knew farm hand was the only worker there on Sundays. I say ‘Call the cops’ – friend engaging with farm hand over discussion of who could it be? Some homeless dude comes walking out of the bathroom when cops come, banging on door – smoking a joint. Who, what, why? God knows is the point – it was not normal/outside the routine so immediate red flag in my mind. Patterns, always patterns.

So even now, why would I not vary my routines as much as possible so even my immediate community could not ascertain the same about me? Why would I not get in the habit now of being aware of routines and my own and start practicing the ones that might save my life some day? I do practice this and I do work. And, I have been checking my house every time I come home for years now because of previous life experiences. Every night all windows and doors are checked, all blinds and drapes are pulled alarm lights checked. Each and every night for I can not sleep if I do not. I don’t feed the livestock the same exact time every morning and evening. There are ways to vary that at least to a degree.

I do not take the same car daily. I do not leave the car left behind in the same place. I do not grocery shop on the same day every week. I do not drive home the same way ever. I always am checking my side and rearview mirrors – it is now ingrained in me to notice who is around me in a vehicle and my mind I know does register patterns in vehicles around me if it exists when traveling a road I must take because there is not a rational alternative.

The property is checked on the perimeter regularly so I can recognize the little, small things that are out of place in all seasons and bear checking out.

What can I say – I was made aware of the topic long agoand it has stuck with me as very important – yes, even now because you just never fing know.