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Very good point. Fortunately in the current time frame we only have to deal with a relatively small number of people that would behave that way, criminals, psychos and whatever. Not a giant population to deal with however maybe a more difficult situation if it were occurring.

I believe most of us are not living in shtf mode because we can’t. It would be to difficult to maintain normal work schedules etc, etc. Targeting a person under the current conditions would be so easy for a psycho because of your vulnerability. I don’t come home and sweep the house for intruders every time I come home to an empty house. Most folks have to leave their homes daily and the house is unguarded. That in of itself is a major liability.

However in shtf mode leaving the house unguarded is not likely. It also means creating a lager perimeter around your home so you and your home are not observed. Maybe impossible maybe not, requires a big group..