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Hannah and Freedom thank you for your comments.

The point of the story was in the context of the topic title, ‘The Reality of a Knife Attack’. The story related my first experience of a knife attack. The rest was background with a few details that hopefully should make others think. Knife attacks are much more physical I think than attacks with say a gun. They also put you much closer physically to another human.

You smell them, you later are reminded by odd facts your brain registered in the background – like the color of their eyes, the presence of some identifying physical characteristic. And, it is bloody and you get the blood all over you, your hand, your face, in your eyes impeding your sight; that is – if you are successful in somehow connecting your knife with your opponent. It is a much different sort of ‘war’ with another than aiming and pulling the trigger on a gun.It is much more ‘personal’. Even if your knife is very sharp it can take more strength than you realize at the time to grip that knife and use it with enough force to penetrate a human body deeply and to contort yourself repeatedly to simply avoid yourself being sliced up.

Huh. course if you are skilled I am sure you could be trained to keep your wits enough and have the knowledge of where on another’s body to attack first to the best, quickest disabling result. I was not so fortunate. Chances are many, even on this forum won’t be either. You can read about what to do, but unless you have practiced and practiced of course it won’t mean a damn thing when it may happen to you – someone pulling a knife on you. Adrenaline, fear, the survival instinct screams to the forefront and you just act best you can.

The choice of a knife of a weapon of choice to me says something about that person.