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I could drive myself completely crazy if I focus too much on the variables when the basics of an operationally good SHTF plan is hard enough to work and achieve. So, I try not to let my mind go there too often right now. To prepare my place and myself so that I can adequately secure, shelter, feed and stay healthy when SHTF and practice that basic level, now – today – every day takes a lot of work, planning and mental energy. Especially, while living in today’s current world. Only once I feel one area is basically covered, currently ‘working’ can I allow myself to entertain the variables that might be encountered in a particular area.

Interaction with others brings up such a multitudinous set of variables frankly I don’t have the time or energy to spend lots of time thinking much about it beyond the basics. Not that it isn’t something one doesn’t consider of course because it plays a role in all that I am doing in the basic areas of security, food, shelter etc. Fortunately i’ve had lots of experience in my life dealing and interacting heavily with the general public. For good or bad it has made me fairly jaded and cynical. It will no doubt stand me in good stead in the future. Instinct and the ability to discern another’s intent will no doubt come in to play in many situations that I have yet to imagine.