Most places have a clause in the self defense statutes that relates to imminent death or serious bodily injury (SBI) which can potentially be lethal.

The ER doctors I have talked with in a number of cases accepted that a broken nose is potentially lethal. (Brain damage or other traumatic head injury)
A broken bone is potentially lethal. (blood clot)

So much depends on how you word what happened.

Me, I have a back injury.
I can’t fight anymore, it ‘could’ potentially leave me paralyzed.
I have doctors reports that can show that also.
I can articulate my fear of imminent death or SBI before I fire that shot quite easily.

Depending on where you are, you can generally defend oneself, family and others from the same, imminent death and/or SBI. And yes, rape would be considered SBI.

Legal weirdness…. That’s why lawyers are rich… Despised you mean.