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I have gone over the EMP plan with my family many times over because they have hearing problems if you know what I mean!

Well first thing is if your computer, laptop, cellphone, lights go down, all of them, then you go to your car. If the car is died then they know it was an EMP.

Then I have told them they need to start walking home ASAP. They have about 3 to 5 hours after the EMP to get home since many will not know what has happened.

The wife and daughter are at the same place FIU, my wife works there and my daughter goes to school there. FIU is about 8 to 10 miles away. They are in good shape and can walk 3 to 4 mile and hour, I do this with my wife all the time.

I work at home so I would get my son which is about 1 1/2 away for now, next year he will be 10 miles away so I would bike over there and pick him up.

Once home my Father and Mother should be there too since they live only two blocks away. By then my father and mother would have gotten more water. I would go one block away to a small store and see if they would sell me any of there can foods and any fruits they may have with cash. That is why you need a small amount of cash for the first day or two but do not go more the two to three blocks away from home.

Then get back home and lock up windows and doors. Cook only inside and do not use to much lighting so people do not see what you are doing.

There are some that are buying the folding bikes and putting them in there cars so they can get back faster.