Lavender keeps some bugs away. Add eucalyptus (gum tree) to homemade soaps. It is often found in, detergents. Use it for pet care, such as a flea deterrent for dogs. Add eucalyptus oil to bathtubs to disinfect and refresh. Tea tree oil works very well. Few drops in shampoo
Olive oil or coconut oil – head lice. Everybody needs to mask their heads for half an hour. Wash hair with shampoo. Repeat if necessary. Some school teachers believe rinsing your hair with vinegar. Put pillows inside a plastic bag into deep freeze for a day.
Salt around your house and in vegetable garden is good for ants and termites
Tick populations boom after a fire. Mixing paraffin with candle wax and putting that on your boots. Wearing khaki colored clothes – you can spot them easier.
I kill poisonous spiders in and around my house. .with anything closest to me. The good once stay to do their job. You will also need to eliminate the small, cylindrical egg sacs which can contain hundreds of baby Widows. You will find these attached to the web made by the female Black Widow. They are usually whitish-grey in color, as they are made from the same silk as the web.
The best bet for dealing with egg sacs is to burn them. Trying to crush or squash the egg sacs may release a flurry of tiny little baby spiders, which you will probably be unable to catch in time. If this happens, your spider infestation is likely to continue.
House flies – pick up and remove animal manure daily. Make a trap with yeast, little bit of sugar and luke warm water in a plastic bottle cut in half. It starts working after a few hours.
A net hanging from the roof over your bed. Keep arms covered with long sleeves, helps a bit. Keep windows (without mosquito screens) and doors, close during the day. Try not to outside at night..
Bed mites- Put everything in the sun as often as possible. Use essential oils. Bed bugs. . ? Don’t know, excepts to try to prevent it from spreading, by removing the furniture as soon as it is discovered to have bad bugs.