Now I’m missing my old Rott.

My current Lab, also a rescue of sorts, is the first anti-social Lab I’ve run across.
Loves us, tolerates others, will absolutely come unglued if someone tries to come in that wasn’t brought in.

Aa to a pigsticker, for fighting I like a full tang design with a heavy blade. Something like a Cold Steel Trailmaster or the old Gerber Aussie Bowie. Big enough to give you some distance, enough weight that it will cleave/remove appendages, and a strike from the blade back can break bone if you need to use it as such.

In a smaller design, the Benchmade Nimvramus is what I’ve carried and used for years, keeping it behind a few items on my duty belt as well as carrying it hunting for nearly 15 years. Light, dynamic and despite the thinness of the blade, extremely sturdy.
I’d like to impress you with tales of derring-do and its use, but alas its only cut up a mess of deer and elk, one gas line on a runaway engine and one seatbelt after a rollover crash. I’m highly partial to the half serrated design after all these years.

My grandfather, a vet of WWII and Korea gave me some advice about knife fighting.
1: Shoot them before they are close enough to cut or stab you.
2: If you have to use a knife, take chunks off. Stabbing is for fencers and icepick killers, use the blade to slice, hack and remove chunks wherever you can. Fingers, hands, nerves, anywhere you will effect something. Make em bleed and hurt, they might decide to quit.