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I just did a sort of skills inventory. Not trying to brag, because my outlook and experiences keep me humble, sort of, but my resume sort of reads;
Fixer – I have been to school for and worked as a mechanic. I worked for a school district running boilers, heaters, generators, HVAC systems, plumbing, and electrical.
Farmer – The last two years I’ve raised a garden and helped friends in theirs, learning a lot. Took a class about and keep looking for local edibles (Dandelions are actually tasty!)
Fighter – Ex military, and no, I didn’t turn a wrench or push paperwork :) . Worked in Law Enforcement, PI, still work in Executive Protection.
What I would want in a group member is flexibility in thinking, (totally agree with osagemarine & 1974t150v) mental toughness, and have some skin in the game. No freeloaders. Everybody works, and everybody eats. A good sense of humor is mandatory! Grunt humor can keep your soul intact in the darkest times.