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It was about 3:15 in the morning. Monthly ‘cramps’ that were painful had me in a semi-sleep of ‘pain’. We were ‘poor’. There was no money to run the a/c unit. To be able to attempt to sleep in S FL in August w/out a/c – that meant some open window just to be able to breath.

I was raised in a wealthy suburb of a major NE city. Parents divorce turned my and siblings world upside down. I
was never into fashion. Dress was polo shirts, jeans and boots – no makeup kind of person. The reality of my former life clashed with our wealthy father’s need to ‘punish’ his former wife. 1970. First ‘family’ I ever knew to become ‘divorced.

Hauled off to S FL where our mother had family. Sounded like a fairy tale I am sure for what she had just got thru – with 4 kids – (sun, fun etc) …judge gave her $10/wk support for each kid. Four kids, My father, even then, a very wealthy man. . President of a Fortune 500 company. Whatever. So…

When my world was abruptly changed.. and was hauled off to S FL from a wealthy suburb of a major city – life changed big time. Went from 3 persons of color in my entire high school in 9th grade to a high school painted ‘pink’ and the advanced classes I was far beyond and one of the ‘minority’. The ’70’s. Remember that. First day of new high school someone approached me and asked if I needed protection. TOTALLY outside my frame of reference. Anyway, ended up buying a switchblade from this person/leader of gosh knows what, to ‘try and fit in’ in this alien environment'(I saw it as an attempt to not be a future target by ‘making friends’ maybe?)

A short few years later I awoke with a hand on my crotch, sat straight up in bed, looked in a nano second; saw a clean cut, white guy half in/half out of my window above my bed. This is when I ‘knew’ for certain there is a ‘God’, someone who runs the world outside my puny conception of the world. In a nano second it seems of seeing this stranger, his hands on me…I sat straight up in bed and screamed ‘Get the hell out of here you ****!’. Where that came from,I believe now, was whomever runs the world (‘God” if you want) –I have no other idea. How did I go from sleep to awake and screaming when I was in total shock? I watched as in slow motion as the man tried to back out of the window and smacked his head on the window frame. (He had removed the screen and several 12′ pots from the window ledge all without my becoming awake due to, I believe the mild painkillers I was had been taking by doctors advice on due to cramps)

That switchblade I had bought a few years previous in vane attempt ‘to fit in’ – had always been with me since that time. It was so strange in my mind then to be offered to buy one I figured it was a sign of some sort to follow – what can I say?) I reached over and grabbed it off bedside stand (don’t remember doing it really) and must have flicked it open. The Rottweiler I had juts the week or more before, adopted from a Rottweiler rescue group was, meantime, throwing herself full force at the closed bedroom door, snarling and barking so loud — in all my mind was just overcome.

Still in shock I watched, as if in slow motion as this stranger, clean-cut white dude, plunged his upper body back through the window. The cheap switchblade now open in my hand, sitting on my bed with sheets/blankets from knees down… the Rottweiler screaming her frustrations as she lunged at the door repeatedly…. I noticed as if in a dream the knife in the mans hand as he managed to get a knee hold onto the window opening.

A total blank to this very day 30 plus years later. what exactly I ‘did’. Result was man was blind, no end of nose, face was ‘filleted’ according to police report. My very short time friend Rottweiler, – she accounted for the man ending up losing his hand and then some, after she finally managed to break through hollow core door. I did not know when I ‘rescued’ or adopted her, that her ‘shutzshund’ training was reason she was given away to rescue group.

Practice I am sure would make someone’s participation in a knife fight more efficient and deadly. But, adrenaline and abject fear, — and shock … I would not like to be in enough such situations with knives that I could rationally think in nano seconds of time what my next move should be. Whomever runs the world, I knew for sure that night, exists – and looks after me – and you as well. And, by the grace of that entity…I adopted this dog when I had doubts I could even feed her short weeks before. I am alive only because of that – and my abject fear at the time.

BTW one of the police men knew of such shutzhund training and managed to control my dog after some time. Taught me German words to ‘control’ her, make her sit, stay etc. I owe my life to that beautiful animal and we had many happy years together before she passed in her sleep beside my bed on the floor. I miss her still.

That is one 5o something woman’s knowledge of knife fights FWIW.