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Agree about vices. And are they “vices” at all? I, personally, developed for myself a very simple litmus test on so-called “survival item lists” – if they mention TP and pet food, I give them 50% chance of being naive daydreamers… But if they do not include condoms – I know I should never read anything from them ever again.

STDs are spreading like forest fire during times of distress, and especially, collapse. Especially in uncircumcised areas. People will continue doing, what they used to be doing for the last 100 thousand years. Women will continue to trade sex for food, protection and other essential favors.

You are spiritually strong, you do not need condoms? Fine. Stock them up for your daughters and widow.

P.S. Soviets used to keep pets too, although not to such an decadent extent, as current N. Americans. I do not eat meat from many years already.