Toby C
Toby C

Hmmmmm…. This thread is getting interesting.

A knife never jams, never runs out of ammunition and, if in range, is dangerous in every direction (A firearm is limited to being dangerous in an exceptionally narrow range). For those that want to ‘bring a gun to a knife fight’ you need to REALLY analyse the effectiveness AND limitations of your tactics. At distance a firearm wins, every time, that is why we ‘charge a gun, run from a knife’ but closer, well, then know we are talking a whole different world. For those that advocate ‘never let anyone get close to you’ I would HIGHLY recommend you spend just one hour, tomorrow, counting the occasions you HAVE to have people within 15ft of you, then truthfully analyse the effectiveness of that strategy. (Oh BTW thats just within 15ft, repeat the exercise and see how many people come within 5ft)

Pre SHTF, those that believe, ‘when in doubt draw first’, enjoy your time in prison, post SHTF, understand reaching for your weapon just escalated it to a lethal force encounter and you will have to deal with all that that entails (which can include BTW instigating me killing you because you presented the threat first)

Final point, if you are not training with weapon usage under the effects of adrenaline you need to start incorporating this into your training as SOON as you can…!