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I would try to avoid those hoods. Section 8 housing ares will get very bad very quick. If I absolutely had to travel through them, I would wait untill just before daylight, or even just after. Let them crash first. Another thought is urban camoflage, I know you said you was going to hide, but looking like you belong might get you further than mossy oak. If your gonna be traveling through there you want your pack/bag to not scream money (ie REI or Kelty) and to not scream copper/mil/money (Camelback, Oakley, Maxpedition etc). If you have one of the high end bags, go to wally world and buy a cheap book bag (earth tones and no shiney designs) to stick your good bag in untill you get to the burbs. And remember, in the course of the last 10 yrs there have been lots of folks deployed from the low rent destrict over to the sand box – a few of them actually have military training and experience to go with living there.