Osage, thanks so much for the pointers!
I have scouted and it’s not gonna be a fun trip home. The water moccasins were one of my biggest concerns, so I keep a Ruger SR22 with CCI’s 22LR shotshells in my GHB. This is not my primary self defense weapon, though I don’t wanna be on the receiving end of the shotshells regardless!
My next concern was the bugs. SC is loaded with mosquitoes, and I want to be as least miserable as possible. I’ve got deep woods bug spray (with DEET, sorry environmentalists) in my GHB as well as my car.
Once I’m out of the swamp, I’ll be in the Charleston suburbs and ghetto and dealing with other humans. I have guns and ammo for this. I don’t want to shoot anyone, but I know this area well and the absolute trash that inhabits it. I plan to stay concealed until I reach my neighborhood, where I don’t expect many issues.