The revenooer’s closed in on him, he was facing a lengthy stretch for failure to pay the booze tax (again).

Here’s an interesting post from the other “members forum” here at SHTFSchool,:
From Hammerun
How do you smoke on the cheap? How about .60 a pack?
I don’t usually say anything about this but I will let it out here. Thinking that at some point somebody will figure it out.
Go down and look for a tobacco shop that stocks loose pipe tobacco. Next at the same place buy a Top-o-Matic or a Top-o-Matic T2 cigarette machine. Next cigarette tubes with filters. That’s it, your in business.
Tobacco, golden leaf, California republic, golden harvest, premier. 1# bags “PIPE” tobacco. Don’t buy Bugler or Top cigarette tobacco. Look at the price, you’ll soon figure it out and why.
I can get it retail at $13 a pound. It will make about 2.8 cartons.
The machines, all of them are around $40 bucks. I own six different ones and trust me, the top o matics are the best.
Tubes with filters. For the most part they are fairly consistent, I use Golden Harvest tubes, that’s just a preference. They will run $2 to $2.5 a box/carton.
I forgot one thing, cigarette boxes, about $3 or $4 bucks.
You can get all of this at the same place.
I can stuff a carton in 45 minutes watching television. A carton of Winston is is $53 dollars here, this is a no brainer.
And believe it or not, they taste better than the commercial cigarettes.
What I do I have a guy that owns a tobacco shop that I deal with all of the time. I buy a case of tobacco (24#) at a time and two cases of tubes. (50 boxes to a case)
$100 dollars a case.
I have never noticed any difference in the tobacco over time from the first bag to the last.
This process is fast and economical and they look just like the commercial ones.
However though, in a SHTF situation any cigarette will look good and very very barterable. Chances are if SHTF I’ll get caught withal reasonable supply on hand, judging the way I buy. Good barter stuff!
If there is multiple smokers in your house, you can save a butt load of money that will be freed up to buy other things you will need.
Tobacco 24# (case) $300
Tubes (2cases) $100
Yield 65 cartons. Plus or minus.
That’s $6.15 per carton.
This all depends your location, how you buy, what the prices are and your wasteful habits during possessing.
If you would, keep this to yourself it’s better for us all.

I screwed up. Add a $100 for another case of tubes. That brings it up to $7.35 per carton. Still, .73 cents a pack?