Tolik said: Lived in Maine for a few years , its very similar in some respects . Big difference is Mainers are for the most part nicer people , ( no offense ) they have always been on the poor side and have nothing to prove or an attitude towards anybody , most would give the shirt off their back . Funny thing is that you need subtitles to understand rural mainers ( northern hillbillies ) .

Thanks for your comments, Tolik. Many people in Alaska are nice, BUT many are also very competitive, meaning “stay away from my area and my stuff.” Guess they already have the survival mentality–me and mine first. Many native elders remember the stories of winter starvation when game was not to be found. (We met one former Alaskan in Idaho after we left–asked if he’d go back–said Naaah, tired of every day being a survival situation.) Also, they tend to stand back and watch you for a year or two before they decide you are “for real” and begin to give advice or divulge information.

As for the ‘subtitles’–I’m laughing. After my Dad died, I moved to Vah-jinn-yuh. Along the Blue Ridge a bit north of Charlottesville. For a year, I’d have to get everyone to say things twice. “MawninHowYOOOO!” was one word. But they were great people. Knew I was accepted when the mountain men invited me to go bear hunting with them (with the wives’ approval). No bear, but great sitting in the dawn forest, listening to the distant hounds. More about camaraderie than getting a bear.