Toby C
Toby C

Awesome Robin! I’m pleased the points are generating discussion :)

‘Refex’ practices can be positive or negative. The phone and door ones I mentioned can be classed as negative as they are ‘rude’, more positive can be striking up a conversation with a total stranger, this gets real fun if you make it ‘mission focussed’. Can you get specific information from them? How much information from them? You can do this online as well as in person, (good) exploitation of information requires practise, there is no time like the present! :) Start of easy but then start to play with some social engineering type stuff, it can truly be shocking what information people will divulge, this also starts to get you conditioned to ‘questions questions’ (Why does this person want to know this about me…?)

If you are into firearms, especially in the US, it is interesting to explore the ‘habit’ of never pointing your firearm at anyone, interesting to start analysing how ‘deep’ that conditioning goes…? Amongst many many other things!

On point 2, often I like some real simple but beneficial ‘triggers’ to begin with. When I applied to join the military (wow, now I’m tripping down memory lane ;) ) one of the physical entry requirements was to do 18 full pull ups. I could barely muster 4 at the time, so I set up a pull up bar in the doorway to my bathroom, and everytime I went in there you had to ‘pay’ a 3 pull up entry ‘fee’, needless to say it did not take that long before my pull up numbers rapidly increased. So habit formation being as tough as it is, needs to start out small and grow from there, but try and stay ‘mission focussed’ (hence the fitness example, as it is practically impossible to be ‘too fit’)

Breifly on .3, if you haven’t done it already, ‘reading the terrain’ and looking at travel/movement alternatives in your area is very fun to explore!

I’m hoping you’ll be able to share some of your ideas and strategies that you come up with, I must say for the first time in a loooooong time I am really enjoying being on a forum and sharing ideas and experiences :)