1974- Yes, I’m thinking of now, with everything still being fairly in control. I will be completely out of my comfort zone being somewhere on a snowy mountain..today. I might in the future spent some time in the world of snow and realize it is not that bad, but would prefer to have an experience local with me.
I will be fine on farmland and in a game reverse. Been in the city for about 10 years… Definitely do not want to be here in a SHTF. We probably need to prepare for everything and a bit of everywhere.

You need to be ready today with knowledge and a medical kit, if you get injured. You can’t just prepare with canned food – the bad times could go on for years. I really do hope most people realize that your own SHTF is not going to happen synchronized with the rest of the world. Well, haha.. if it does turn out to be synchronized -it will probably be a nuke