Followup –

No, Liquor Store Guy hasn’t got back to me yet.. he said Monday or Tuesday, so we got tomorrow to go yet…

Was thinking. Lots of you all want to learn how to make ‘shine. Well, make proper corn liquor, not sugar liquor. If you want to learn, then get this DVD and watch it. It’s called “The Last One”. It’s a documentary, but a side effect of the documentary is that it gives a step-by-step process on not only how to make good sippin whiskey (corn liquor), but how to construct your still…

The guy in the documentary – Popcorn Sutton – is a legend. Sadly, he is now passed to his reward. I’ve owned this DVD for a couple years now and I never get tired of watching it…

Have fun and don’t get caught.


The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1