Being retired, we had to unfortunately make some compromises. Stuck in a small community, we are at the end of a dead end street. A fair amount of wood is available on the property and within a short walk. We have garden space big enough to provide for ourselves and maybe two other people, blackberry bushes, and will be putting in a couple apple trees soon. Some small game in the immediate area, but would have to walk about 300yds for deer or turkey. So I would imagine everyone else will be hunting the same game.

My dream property would be min 5 acres, a year ’round pond and/or creek (that may sound funny, but we lived in areas where not every creek or pond was full throughout the year) and a good well. Lots of small and large game, and fishing available, about 50% trees and sitting back in the hills with one dirt road in and out. Relatively level, but with good drainage and about an acre of garden space w/ berry bushes and fruit trees.

These are some of the things i would want on my dream property.