In my mind this will be one of the most difficult questions we will ever have to deal with. The parents are all dead, and there are only two sisters (hers and mine). They both live over 1500 miles away so probably would not be able to make it here. Being a Christian makes it even more difficult in my mind. But, I am also a practical person and understand I can’t possibly take care of everyone. The wife and I are presently thinking this through and trying to come up with a plan that allows us to try and help some without putting ourselves in Jeopardy. Don’t know if that is possible or not.

Either way, if we do give any handouts it will be individually packaged, so they won’t see our complete stock. We will try to explain that this is all we have and are risking our health giving this out. “So, don’t come back.” I am anxious to see how everyone else plans to handles this. So keep posting please. :)