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TobyC, that is a good point and one all of us should think about for sure.

As for Ferfal, I feel he is a wise voice in the community and I have a lot of respect for his common sense. He is a pretty strong proponent for staying in urban areas. Others, also with experience prefer bugging out to the countryside. In the end, it is going to be different depending on the reality of your situation in your location. Many factors can make one option preferable over the other. For instance:
financial collapse vs. war
intensity of the war
viability of sustainable resources outside urban areas
accessability of a safe haven
natural disaster
nuclear war
civil war
war against a foreign nation
location of family and support group
ability of family and support to change locations or journey

Those are just some of the considerations that make each situation unique. So, I will say whether you stay in an urban area or in the countryside depends on your location, what type of situation is happening, and the co-factors. There are circumstances where staying in the urban area might be the best choice in an area but in the exact same area, a different set of events and circumstances might make bugging out the wise choice.

So, in the end, bugging out vs. staying put is really dependent on the circumstances and a host of other co-factors.