Selco doesnt explain where he was located and what side of the conflict he was in. That’s key to understanding his situation, what worked for him and why. If I want to learn about survival from someone that went through WWII in Germany, a Nazi soldier will have a pretty different perspective from that of a Jew. In the case of the Yugoslav Wars it’s the same thing because it was anethnic conflict. If he’s Chetnik his situation is VERY different from his Bosniak neighbor right next door, who by all accounts had a big chance of ending up executed in most brutal fashion. What we do know is that while in Sarajevo you lived sieged for three years without running water and sporadic electric power at best, with the UN not letting you leave the city and Serbs shelling and sniping you, if you were outside the sieged city you were likely to end up crucified, executed, in a concentration camp or a rape house. It was in the country and smaller towns where some of the worse massacres took place (Foča massacres, Srebrenica massacre, massacres in Zvornik and Cerska).

I like FerFal simply because he is talking lot of common sense stuff that came from real experience.
There is a reason why I do not explain where I was located and what side of the conflict I was in, many reasons actually.
At the end I gonna end up discussing with some people about who is right and who is wrong. And I think there is much to be learn from anyone who gone trough some tough stuff in life.
It is about survival, nothing else.