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Toby C,
As I see it from the other post the issue of where you are is not the critical issue. As was said “if your house is surrounded” does it matter where it is? Understanding the dynamics of the situation is crucial, a country in war will be much different than a “simple” failure of civility. In the case you mention other countries were not at war.

If the armed forces were to be used against the populous in the USA and not as police, it will be a game changer. I don’t see it happening here that way. Mutiny on the Bounty comes to mind. As for running…well if the USA is in the throws of SHTF I wouldn’t be certain any other country is going to provide civilized protection. Remote areas maybe.

This is the you don’t know what you don’t know moment. Everyone can see that there are so many potential pitfalls ready to push it over the edge, but which one and how will it unfold? Where you think it will be safe to go might be a crater, or the center of an ebola outbreak. Egad!! I’m packing for the Antarctic.