Toby C
Toby C

From my perspective:

‘An unanswered knock yields no result'; Someone at your door? Stand off and observe, wait and see their chosen course of action and react accordingly.

‘You’re not welcome’ – A robust greeting that clearly highlights move on…or else.

‘Hey Neighbo(u)r’ – Hi, I’d love to help, can you help me? It’s tough for everyone right now… Enter discussion on specific skills/asset trades, make sure a present but subtle ‘show of force’ is in place (Depends on your country) and act accordingly.

‘You’re on the list’ – Thanks goodness you made it, come in, how are you, can I get you anything…?

I’m in a small community, so this works for me, but it is a good mental exercise for the larger population…. Try to define ‘specifics’ instead of ‘variables’ especially with human interaction, if it is not clear before you engage (this can be a positive as well as a negative thing) then chaos can (and often will) ensue… Talk about your ‘triggers’ and ‘actions on’ NOW!

What do you NEED how will you get it? what do you NOT WANT…? Stark terms but necessary…