You all are going to think me heartless. And you’re probably right.

My mother and father are both aged. Still, there is no question – I would provide for them under any circumstances if they needed me. They have a place here, always, under any circumstances – even if that means I give up my bed and go sleep in a wall tent in the backyard. That’s just the way it is.

My younger brother, he has a place here. He has skills, is healthy and motivated. He has no problems getting his hands dirty or taking orders.

My younger sister? She has a place here, as well as her husband. He is a veteran and also skilled. She has a very kind heart and I don’t think she has it in her to pull a trigger. She would make a good medic, I think.

My older sister? Total writeoff. No useful skills, combative, über-leftist… her presence here would only create conflict. Her lack of useful skills means a learning curve – she’s never done a day’s labor in her life, as well as consuming resources that other more useful members could be using. Plus, she’s shacked up with some goof, and I don’t want him here, either.

It’s just triage. The math says I have X resources available for Y people. If those Y people work with me, I will have X+? resources to sustain us, and perhaps a bit more. Anyone who I would class “useless” (other than my parents) would only be a parasite. If you do not work, you do not eat. The End.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1