Bruce Beach
Bruce Beach

I am not a pacifist.
Have been.
Was a member, years ago, of the FOR (Fellowship on Reconciliation).
That was after eight years military.
Both sides of the fence.
Back and forth.

BUT – there is a balance in all things.
Somehow, people overlook my advice on dealing with predatory sociopaths,
during the catastrophe and in the catastrophic aftermath –
so I will restate it.

“For the individual sociopaths that stalk and pillage –
it may be that a few displayed and well publicized bodies –
will reduce the number of confrontations of this sort –
that will need to take place –
but as I have tried to emphasize –
different circumstances require different responses.”

Many people are inconsistent in their belief systems.
Some are opposed to capital punishment for the worst criminals –
while supporting (abortion) the death penalty – for the most innocent.

The more primitive a society –
the fewer resources it has to deal in a ‘humane’ manner with extreme situations.
All societies going through The Great Catastrophe –
are for a while to find themselves in very primitive conditions.

Never been there.
Never want to be there.
Unfortunately, expect it for myself –
my children and grandchildren.

It is a part of the nature of the ‘special time’
that we live in –
in the history of humanity.
We will simply have to deal with it.

Peace and love,