Hi Jay,

The government failed us in several ways, mainly because our President and the Mayor of Tacloban both belong to rival families. If you’ve heard about the Aquinos versus the Marcoses, then you’ll probably get a hint why. The Aquino camp took advantage of situation.

Even if help from all nations massively came, efforts from our government itself were barely felt. For the first few days, we badly needed food and water but they weren’t enough. Every time, we receive relief goods, we always wondered when the next relief would be. Sometimes it would take a day or two, three being the longest. Imagine stretching a few kilos of rice, sardines, and noodles for three days with say, a family of 12 members. Clearly, that wasn’t enough.

For almost 5 months, I wonder where most of those donations went. It was only recently that it came to the news that a certain village was found out to be dumped with spoiled and rotten relief good. How greedy of those who kept those for several months. If they had just distributed them properly, then perhaps none was wasted and everybody wouldn’t have felt deprived.