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1974t150v – IMHO, having lived where Freedom does this is not the best method. S Florida has lots of wind/breezes and very high heat and humidity, especially in the summer months. When I tried this in Florida, first the bales dried out very fast, but even worse, was the mold and rot – before the plants even started really growing. You can get tremendous deluges of rain in a few minutes, then the sun comes out and the humidity is very high. The bales started becoming covered in green/gray mold, rotting and smelling – and eventually falling apart on the sides. It was a mess, and the plants did not do well – many getting diseases I suspect from the mold growing on the bales. Of course, that is just my experience.

Once they begin falling apart you are left with a mess (although very useable) – and where is he to get more straw bales when SHTF? Straw is not cheap in SFL like up north as they don’t grow hay down there.

Of course, that is just my experience. It is an interesting method and does work. It is especially good for people that have poor or rocky soils.