Always a tough call.

My wife and I recently discussed this again. And we fully expect both our families to show up.

The difference from many? 500 miles to the closest family members. Puts quite a different perspective on things.

Friends? Our old friends wouldn’t think to come visiting us, too far again. Our new friends, better prepped than we are.

Are we our brothers keeper?
Is blood really thicker than water?

In my family we have always taken in those family members in need.
Of course there is always that one member of the family who’ll steal you blind, but still, who can you trust more than family?

The funny part? I’m sure both our parents expect us to head to their places. The farther one away, some 1200 miles is the better choice, but is way too far post-SHTF.

We have some extra supplies just in case, but in a reality they won’t get used by those they were intended for.