Survival gardening depends greatly on your area.
One of my customers related what happened here a few years ago.
He and his wife started a nice garden, but thanks to cruddy soil here, only the tomatoes came up.
They were going great until they started to ripen.

You guessed it, someone came in and took everyone of them, red or green.
The next year, same thing.
Now, no garden.

While he doesn’t live in a great area of town, (too many illegals, they’re everywhere) it does illustrate that people can be ruddy scumbag thieves even in the best of times. Without some form of guard on the garden, it could get interesting.

We plan to have as much put back while we can, especially vegetables, as gardening is almost a waste of time and effort around here, even without the criminals. Meat we can get, veggies are another matter.

Should one ‘keep up appearances’? Of course, for a multitude of reasons.
First and foremost, to blend in with those that are also suffering. Don’t stand out. Look haggard, lose some weight, it’ll do you some good anyways. That way no one comes looking for your stores.

Secondly, the more you can supplement your stores, the longer they will last.

Thirdly, the intelligence you gather may put you into an advantageous situation. Knowing when to leave, knowing that a better location may not exist.

Many cities have suffered over the years, we can learn from all of them.
What we see is that those who have the most skills, most information, and most adaptability, generally survive.