Bushrat, thanks for that.

I tend to ramble a bit though.

I think subjects like this are discussed heavily because as was previously said, we are all right.
We all are correct for our areas and situations.

Our experiences color our choices, some are comfortable with one choice, others another choice.

Malgus, hope #2 wasn’t because of anything I’ve said. If so, apologies are offered.
Not looking to argue, just promote thought and offering an opinion that’s been very costly to earn.

As with so many things, location is everything.

When I lived in a “city”, my choices generally were small bore high capacity firearms.
As were many of my cohorts and co-workers.
Having worked in rural areas for the most part, what I need/needed was different, therefore my choices and needs were different.

An amusing story.
Back in 2008, I watched a couple of SWAT officers at a police supply house.
They were each buying a pair of Glock 17’s (9mm) and a pile of magazines (17 and 33 rounds).
I looked them over, noted the .45’s (1911 and G21) on their hips and moved over to have a word.
As I moved next to them, I exposed my badge and asked if they had a minute.
They smiled and one responded, long as you need.
I asked what’s with the 17’s, were they switching belt guns, was it a departmental change or something.

They both laughed and the second one said, nope, just stocking up while we can.
These aren’t for duty use.

I understood and we chatted for a bit, seems they were stocking up for emergencies.
They had been putting things back for a while, guns, ammo, food, etc.
We compared notes, city vs. rural LE, prepping and such.
It was interesting, to say the least.

Long story short, they had high cap, small bore, guns for the city,
For their BOL, (and yes they had one) big bore, high cap guns.