Our little farm is a touch over 10 acres, but the some of the best land for growing stuff is right next to the house. The farm is in a rough upsidown “U” shape, with the land running around the house. It was originally 225 acres, but it was sold off little by little over the years.

The land next to the house used to be a horse pasture, but we reclaimed it. Tilled it, fertilized it, graded it, tore down the old rotten fence, etc. Planted grasses and then left it alone for a couple years to rest. Started planting fruit and nut trees two years ago, and this last tree purchase, if they take, will bring our tree count up to fourteen. I want at least two more almond trees, and we have enough space set aside for 4 more trees, which will give us an even 20. I’m casting around for something good… that will take up most of the land next to the house. The remaining space will be taken up with our garden, not including potatoes. The potatoes we will grow vertically.

I did not know that about Rootone… I will have to read up on it. There’s more good land on the backside of the “U”, especially near the fish pond. We were planning on planting the maples and oaks near the house as a windbreak and also down near the pond to attract deer (deer love white oak acorns). One spot I’m saving for an honest to God American Chestnut tree. The American Chestnut Foundation has backbred our Chestnut with the Chinese chestut, which is blight resistant. Ours is not. But, they have an American Chestnut which is 15/16ths American, 1/16 Chinese and it appears to be blight resistant. I want to plant it off by itself and let it fill the sky (have you even seen pictures of those old monster chestnut trees? Absolutely tremendous. I would be honored to have one on my property…). And I’ve never tasted roasted chestnuts… I think I would like to before I pass on.

Here’s a grand old lady of the forest, back before the blight killed them all… check out how tiny the guys are at the bottom..

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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