Not a problem. I was on one of my lunatic scavenger hunts at a Big Box store, looking for bits for a project, and I saw a skid of leftover rock salt.. which got me thinking.

Back during the Civil War, salt became so scarce that desperate folks would pull up the floorboards in their smokehouse and boil them, for they had no salt, and the floorboards were completely saturated with years of accumulated salt…

As far as Zynn, it’s good to have someone else here who knows how to build anti-personnel devices (and perhaps anti-vehicular devices). A word – you will have to actually go out into the weeds and practice building some of those things ahead of time, so you know how to build them and how they operate when it really matters. Just make sure to deactivate and disassemble them…

Here’s a good start. FM 5-31 – Booby Traps


The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1