We have been predicting doom and gloom for years.

Be it economic, natural or otherwise only matters in the gistorical sense.

What matters is having the wherewithal to weather the coming storm.

All societies collapse, all movements stop, nothing is forever. Plan accordingly.

You may face war, starvation, loss of loved ones, until it happens, who’s to say.

What we can do is plan for what is likely to happen. Snowstorms, power outages, road closures, union strikes and such.

As we do so, to plan for more long term events, we just increase our stockpiles and plan around getting more of what we need, despite the missing components.

Eventually we have enough to weather any reasonable storm, and perhaps some unreasonable ones.

Around here, the highway can close for days from weather issues and does.
People not from here are the only ones who take any notice of this, it’s just winter.
When people in NY were panicking and carrying on recently, many here were commenting on the heat wave there. A foot of snow overnight? Nothing unusual.

So much is in the eye of the beholder, and the more you prepare for the norm, the more prepared you are for the unusual.

Thankfully we live in a high prepper concentrated area, probably 2/3 of the people prep if not more.

My wife finally got on board when she realized it was normal here, that you’re more likely to be laughed at for not prepping.